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Best Tableau Online Training & Best Tableau Online Classes

EDUQ provides the Best Tableau Online Training to students from across the globe. This platform helps students to learn Tableau Tutorials Online at any time as per individual’s convenience. Our Tableau Online Classes are conducted by professionals in a manner that is easy for students to understand. The Course material for Tableau Online Training is designed to train all the concepts of Tableau in a step by step process and covers from basic to advanced topics.

All the Tableau Online Trainings are conducted by experienced faculty members who have more than 5 years of experience in Tableau and are real time working professionals. This enables students to learn from experts on latest trends and technologies being used in Tableau. In order to provide the Best Tableau Classes, we only choose certified Tableau trainers with industry related experience. 

Our Tableau Online Training Course fee is affordable. The class timings for Tableau Training Online can be as per student’s convenience. EDUQ is a flexible approach where students and professionals can learn in their free time from across the globe.



TABLEAU online training and Certification in Bangalore,Hyderabad,Chennai,Delhi,Pune,Mumbai, Bangalore, we bridge the gap between the need of the industry. EduQ provide best TABLEAU online training and Certification for all TABLEAU  Modules. EduQ are one among the best TABLEAU online training and Certification institutes in Bangalore. EduQ Bangalore gives 100% commitment to our students' placements. Best TABLEAU online training and Certification institute in Bangalore is a leading TABLEAU online training and Certification institute in Bangalore,Hyderabad,Chennai,Delhi,Pune,Mumbai.


Best TABLEAU online training and Certification institute in Bangalore focuses on the needs of the TABLEAU  community. EduQ listed one of the top TABLEAU online training and Certification institutes in Bangalore. We offer TABLEAU  education for working professionals. TABLEAU online training and Certification in Bangalore understands the need of TABLEAU community. We offer all TABLEAU online training and Certification courses as students option. EduQ provide free TABLEAU online training and Certification materials of soft copy and hard copy. Discover best TABLEAU online training and Certification in Bangalore at EduQ.


TABLEAU online training and Certification institutes in Bangalore classes are very interactive, we provide hands-on experience in TABLEAU classes. TABLEAU online training and Certification in Bangalore provides theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in the classes. Learn TABLEAU modules in Bangalore,Hyderabad,Chennai,Delhi,Pune,Mumbai, Bangalore with the help of our TABLEAU team. Our TABLEAU trainers and TABLEAU consultants will keep providing throughout the TABLEAU online training and Certification real TABLEAU project scenarios. TABLEAU is the best technology for consultants.

Tableau Online Training Course Content

Tableau course outline

Tableau Desktop

ï‚¡             BI Overview

             What is BI

             Need for BI

             Types of BI

ï‚¡             Data Realization Matrix

ï‚¡             Self BI

             What is Self BI

             Need of self BI

             Target Audience

ï‚¡             Pros and cons of self BI

ï‚¡             Tableau History and Journey

ï‚¡             Tableau Product line

             Tableau Desktop

             Tableau Server

             Tableau Reader

             Tableau Public

             Tableau Cloud

ï‚¡             Tableau Variants

ï‚¡             Tableau Features

Course Outline

ï‚¡             Architecture

             Meta Data Management

             Architecture Components

â–ª              Data Server

â–ª              Application server

â–ª              Vizql Server

â–ª              Connectors

ï‚¡             Connecting to data

             Data Strategy

             Native support for databases

             Joining multiple tables in tableau

             Custom SQL

             Publishing and Reusing data connections

             Building extracts

             Data Blending

ï‚¡             Understanding  tableau workspace

ï‚¡             Show Me

ï‚¡             Shelves, cards ,Marks and pills

ï‚¡             Views


ï‚¡             Creating a view

ï‚¡             Marks

ï‚¡             Size

ï‚¡             Transparency

ï‚¡             Highlighting

ï‚¡             Date Aggregations

ï‚¡             Discrete data

ï‚¡             Continuous data

ï‚¡             Understanding charts

ï‚¡             Visualization Types

             Cross tab

             Maps

             Heat Map

             Tree map

             Scatter plots

             Bar charts

             Pie

             Dual Axis

             Combo Charts

             Bubble charts

Tableau Desktop

ï‚¡             Trend lines, reference lines and statistical analysis in tableau

ï‚¡             Creating Groups

ï‚¡             Bins

ï‚¡             Hierarchy

ï‚¡             Sorting

ï‚¡             Sets

ï‚¡             Filters

ï‚¡             Drill down and drill across

ï‚¡             Formatting options

ï‚¡             Working with parameters

ï‚¡             Input controls

ï‚¡             Adv geography mapping

ï‚¡             Complex calculations

ï‚¡             Adv chart types

ï‚¡             Building dashboards

ï‚¡             Creating Stories

ï‚¡             Publishing workbooks and dashboards

Tableau Server

ï‚¡             Architecture and Planning

             Identify user requirements and  resources

             Client & server components

ï‚¡             Preparation

             Version:

             Identifying  the version of tableau server installation

             Hardware Prerequisites:

â–ª              CPU requirements

â–ª              Hardware Requirements

â–ª              RAM requirements

             Software Prerequisites:

â–ª              SMTP server

â–ª              Port Configuration

â–ª              Browser requirements

â–ª              Email Alerts.

             Licensing

â–ª              Activating and updating license key

â–ª              Core and user licensing

â–ª              Offline activation

ï‚¡             Administration

â–ª              Content administration

â–ª              Site administration

â–ª              User administration

â–ª              Group Administration

ï‚¡             Tableau Server Security Model

â–ª              Authentication

â–ª              Authorization & Permissions

â–ª              Assignments

â–ª              Hands-on dev.

â–ª              Interview Questions

â–ª              Project

             Pick up a domain

             Simulate a real time scenario

             Requirement Gathering: Tech specs.

             Documentation: Dashboard specs.

             Creating views and dashboards

             Publish to server



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